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Report about the finished work of the Fish Faunistical Workgroup, in 1998

   Fish fauna of streams in the Őrség was researched twice at spring in 1998.
As the Eudontomyzon danfordi was not found in its habitat during Oktober, 1997, we wanted to know, when will they appear in the river-system of the Rába river, in the Szakonyfalui- and the Grajka-streams. Some Eudontomyzon danfordi were found in the streams in March and April and in the Grajka-stream matured individuals were also caught. In the Kerca- and Kerka-streams belonging to the river-system of the Mura river more individuals were caught, but all of them were larvas and there were no matured ones. The body length was measured, so the size of the caught larvas was between 43-197 mm while the size of the matured individuals was between 150-200 mm. 204 individuals were caught during two years. Six Salmo trutta were caught in March, which species has never been caught in the river Zala. The Mura river and some of its tributaries were surveyed in June and July. Precious datas were get from these days. 2929 caught individuals of 38 species and one hybrid were found.

Five species like the Ictalurus melas, Phoxinus phoxinus, Abramis sapa, Umbra krameri, Gymnocephalus schraetzer from the Hungarian river-system of the Mura river, and from the Hungarian part of the Mura river three species, the Abramis sapa, Umbra krameri, Gymnocephalus schraetzer were registred like new species from the river, compared to our old list. Among the found species there are 12 protected species, which are the next: 1. Eudontomyzon mariae, 2. Phoxinus phoxinus, 3. Alburnoides bipunctatus, 4. Gobio albipinnatus, 5. Barbatula barbatula, 6. Misgurnus fossilis, 7. Cobitis taenia, 8. Sabanejewia aurata, 9. Umbra krameri, 10. Gymnocephalus baloni, 11. Gymnocephalus schraetzer, 12. Zingel zingel. Some researches were done in the region of the Mecsek and Biharugra, in July. Datas are pubished in the "Puszta". Researches were done again in the Őrség and in the Rába river, in August. The next interesting species were found: Leuciscus leuciscus, Aspius aspius, Alburnoides bipunctatus, Abramis sapa, Vimba vimba, Barbatula barbatula, Cobitis taenia, Sabanejewia aurata, Ictalurus melas, Gymnocephalus cernua, Gymnocephalus baloni, Gymnocephalus schratzer. It is worthy to mention that Zingel zingel had been caught in a relatively big number in this period. Altogether 78 individuals and 49 Zingel streber also had been caught. Misgurnus fossilis and Umbra krameri were caught in the lower section of the river Zala. We wrote an application to the Ministry of Agriculture to collect and work up the archive fish faunistical datas. The plans in the application, were supported by the advisory board, so we could start the work. Seventy journals, scientific reviews, periodicals were examined untill that time, from the first volume to the last. Articels with fish faunistical datas were collected from them. The working up of these datas have been started by computers. That happens by Microsoft Access program. In the form there are the next fields: species name, location (waterbody), town, data of collection, the name of the collector, name of the data perfomer (who published the data), number of the individuals, collecting method, UTM-code (only in the case of the correct locations), body length, body outline, body height, age, sex, the name of reference (journal, periodicals, books), the title of the publication, date of year, volume, volume number, page number, remark (to note the informations about the collection. Three thousand records are fixed that time and this program fits to our respectations. The filling up of the database is a continuous work, and the estimated number of records to fill up surpasses the 50000.

We would like to thank the help of the supporters by that way too, without their help our work could not be done so fluently.
The supporters of the workgroup: Ministry of Environmentprotection, Ministry of Agriculture, the Central Environmentprotection Base "h" fund, Körös-Maros National Park, Balaton-felvidéki National Park, Pro Renovanda Hungariae Foundation.

Besides we thank the help of: Bíró István, Burai Péter, Csikai Csaba, Eros Tibor, Fürstinger Ottó, dr. Guti Gábor, dr. Györe Károly, Harmos Krisztián, Horváth Jeno, dr. Juhász Lajos, Kapocsi István, Kapocsi Judit, Király Angéla, Király Gergely, Makra Dezso, Medvegy László, ifj. Orcsik Tibor, Orcsikné Fazekas Edit, Pabar Zoltán, Palkó Csaba, Palkó Sándor, dr. Puky Miklós, Sallai R. Benedek, Tóth Tamás, Zalai Tamás. Sallai Zoltán

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