Főoldal Tevékenységeink Elérhetőségünk

   The Workgroup taking up the relationship between the agriculture and the nature conservation, studies the conditions of the different habitats and agricultural areas since February, 1999. The main aim of the study is to be able work out proposals, to make agriculture and the nature conservation approach to each other. The main survey methods are the studying of pedological, geographical, faunistical, floristical and historical datas.

   The necessity of the work was that in the years 1998 and 1999 the weather was very rainy and the proportion of the lands, covered by inland waters increased notably.
We had to show, that the farmers ignored the site conditions, so they are responsible for the evolved damage. As the result of the finished work, the study "Nature-friend leasehold methods in the region of Karcag, proposed by the soil conditions" was published, which appeared in the "A Puszta" yearbook.


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