Introducing the work

   The completed works untill that time served with the protection of owl species on the field, but they have a big importance from the view point of the protection of bat species. The barn owls originally bred in church towers, but lately only a few casts were found in towers, so they became rare breeders of these places. But let's see the theme generally. We inherited the base of the owl protection from the MME Hungarian BirdLife Partner, which do not have enough time for effective owl protection, because of it's other different running programs. So we started our independent work on the monitoring of the breeding and wintering owl species in our functional area. Firstly aimed the barn owl, which species is getting rarer and rarer. Our modest estimate was not enough for financing the travel costs from village to village, so that was paid from self force. The other program was the collecting and surveying of casts, from the breeding and wintering places

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