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Introduction of the Society, activity untill now:

The Sárrét Nature Conservation Society was founded in 1995, with the aim to do the described works under, in the region of the Nagy-Sárrét.

  • Practical bird- and habitat protection, promoting it's social popularization, and active work on every field of nature conservation.
  • Initiation of the youth into the bird and nature conservation, forming their right aspect.
  • Recognition of the natural values in the Nagy-Sárrét, systematization and processing of the acquired informations.
  • Working out of nature conservation proposals and giving out to the proper authorities. Cooperating with the state and self-governing nature conservation authorities.
  • Social controlling of the keeping the regulations concerning to the environment- and nature conservation.
  • Starting of managing and venturesome work in the field of nature conservation for the economical basing of the activity of the Society.
  • Saving the traditions of Hungary, initiations with ethnographic, local history, and tradition saving aims.

   The first activities of the Society were characterized by the cooperation with the "Nimfea" Nature Conservation Association in connection with the maintaining of the bird-repatriation station and the habitat reconstructions. The independent work started with the wining of the first subsidies. The initiations of the protection of the nonprotected areas near Biharnagybajom and Szerep, the environmental education programs in Dévaványa and Szeghalom, and the maintaining of the Fegyverfenék habitat-reconstruction started that time.

The aim of the Society:

   According to our judgement the environmental education is a special scientific educational method, which helps to make people understand the unity of wildlife and the importance of the saving of the biodiversity, hereby forms the environment- and nature conservation attitude. The application of it allows a folded personality-developing, which starts from the direct surroundings of the children, and spreading to the wider environment. By that way there is the chance for the forming of the child attitude, which makes them able to cooperate with someone else and the environment conscious life. This education have to be done inside and outside the school too, to make the youth see, that the living creatures only can live in tight interaction with their environment. Beside these our aims are:

  • Forming of the deliberate environment-friendly behavior.
  • Conscious application of the researching methods (observation, surveying, analysis).
  • Orientation in the native place and its region.
  • Developing of the sense of responsibility for the natural sustainability.
  • Developing of the experimental ability.
  • Basing the concept-formation ability.
  • Analysing the pictural and textual informations.

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