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About our activity:

   Principles written by Pál Andrési in his book, "Active nature conservation" considered be the base of our competition program: "The year 1872 considered be the milestone between the reletionship of the Earth, people, and the nature. The Yellowstone National Park was founded that time, so the start of the established nature conservation is considered since than. 120 years passed since that time and the nature destroying activity of the human race is increasing more and more. That is specially true for the last two or three decades. The rapidly rising numbered humanity willy-nilly destroy the Earth. The natural values of Hungary rapidly perish like in the whole World. Four moss species, one fern-, thirty-five angiospermal plant, thirty-five invertebrate and eighteen vertebrate species estincted in the last two decades. Besides these directly, timely or potentially endangered further 690 plant- and 347 animal species, which are under legal protection. The nature conservation get realized by the local and species protection in Hungary. Our country is the third in the quantity of the ploughed areas, so the founding of nature reserves is very important. One of the reasons is the fragmentation and changeing of the habitats, or the destroying. The fact that every sixtieth plant- and animal species, living in Hungary, is protected, characteristic for the species protection. It clears up in more and more cases that the traditional nature conservation is not enough for itself. The desired aim only can be achieved by active interventions."

   We would like to contribute to these active interventions, by the active participation of the children, to make them feel directly the aims of the nature conservation and take part of it. We would like to make it by bird protection, because the decreasing of the number of birds thanks to the habitat destruction. The birds are very spectacular, well known and well researched, so our work can be grounded. It is not accident that active bird protection , which look back upon almost a century, and got a huge sweep by the help of many iniciations like our activity.


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