Volunteer weekend at the István Fekete Educational Center

    Last weekend (6-7 May, 2006) was a very busy and productive weekend in and around the István Fekete Educational Center of Nimfea.
Despite the rainstorm disturbing the work, there were about 30 volunteers actively participating during the two days, and they made a significant progress: the stable was whitewashed inside and outside; all doors, gates, window-frames and the pen of the sheep gained a cheerful green coating; an additional stall for two horses was created - the two Shagya Arabian mares arrived on Sunday, and they apparently enjoy their new home; but also the former residents of the stable seem satisfied with the freshness and cleanliness. Other tasks achieved during the weekend included the decoration of the youth accommodation with colorful flowers and birds and the planting of several young fruit trees, offered by a supporter of the association.
It was great to see generations working together for public benefit, and we hope, that apart from the not very nice weather, the participants had a good time, too. The whole staff of Nimfea Environment and Nature Conservation Association would like to thank the help and efforts of all volunteers!

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