The ambitions, the professional initiations and programs of the Nimfea Nature Conservation Association get realized by the help of the different supporters and commission contractings and not from self capitals. Therefore we have to thank the kind help of our supporters, their trust and continuous supporting.
Please visit their website too, if it is possible!

Our most important partner is the
Beklen Foundation

   Dear Visitor!
You could recognize many programs, researches, general aims of our Association, from the content of our website.
These tasks create huge financial needs and generally for these we do not have backing.
We would like to ask You to support us in comparison to Your possibilities.
We ask You respectfully to help our work!
Please contact us:

Central telephone number: 00-36-56/361-505
Central address: Túrkeve, Erdőszél street 1.  P.O. Box: 33., H-5421,
Central e-mail address: info'at'

Our Association is outstandingly for public use.
The operator of our bank account is the Kunszentmárton és Vidéke Takarékszövetkezet Túrkevei Kirendeltsége (5420, Túrkeve, Petőfi tér 3-5. sz.) and its number is: 69800126-16200656.

Our Association save its nonprofit face the financial needs for public activities are get from subsidies and competitions.

Our programs, researches, nature protection actions would not be realized without the supporting of the next persons, organisations and institutions:

The main supporters of the programs:
- Ministry of Environment Protection, Central Environment Protection Fund, "h" Fund, KAC
- Ökotárs Foundation
- Developing of Democratic Rights Foundation
- Middle- and Eastern-European Regional Environment Protection Center (REC)
- Milieukontakt Oost-Europa Dutch Foundation
- Körös-Maros National Park Directorate

Important help was given by:
- FM Fishery Management Fund
- Hungarian Parliament
- Soros Foundation
- Keve Hús Kft.,
- Fórizs Sándor, Mezőtúr
- Klíma Indusrtial Center Share Company, Mezőtúr
- Neusiedler Paper-factory Share Company, Szolnok
- Independent Ecological Center, Budapest
- Autonomy Foundation, Budapest
- Pro Renovanda Cultura Hungariae Foundation, Budapest
- Embassy of Canada, Budapest

" National Children and Youth Fund, Budapest
" Ministry of Environment Protection, Nature Conservation Office, Budapest
" Local Government of Szarvas
" Nagyalföld Foundation, Békéscsaba
" Jász-Nagykun Szolnok County Self Government Office, Szolnok
" Ökoszolgálat Foundation, Budapest
" USAID, Budapest
" Dutch Government MATRA Fund, Budapest
" Mobilitas Youth Service
" Ministry of Education
" Fish-breeding Researching Institute (HAKI), Szarvas
" Megálló ABC, Túrkeve
" Szirén Foundation, Szarvas

We also would like to thank the help of:
The József Attila Cultural and Social Foundation,
Túrkevéért Foundation,
Local Governments of Túrkeve and Karcag,
Sebestyén István,
Self Governments of Karcag and Túrkeve,
Sallai Károly,
Csíder Lajosné,
the Kevi Futár Bt.,
the Balmoral Bt.,
the judge of our applications,
our active membership,
Tombola gift offers for the programs,
Who offered 1% of their personal income tax to us,
And who helped our work, but were not enumerated

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