The NIMFEA Nature Conservation Association work hard to undertake more and more projects, realizing with wide cooperation, responding to professional challenges.
During the undertaking of the projects, the Associations find some great partner organisations, with whom good partnership was shaped.
Our success are their success too, so we please You respectfully, to visit their website too.

  • Ökotárs Foundation
  • MME Hungarian BirdLife Partner and its journal, the Madártávlat
  • HUMUSZ , and its journal, the Kukabúvár
  • Ministry of Environment Protection
  • Middle- and Eastern-Eiropean Regional Environment
  • Protection Center
  • Universal Existence Nature Protection Society
    Energy Club
  • Életfa Environment Protection Association
  • GATE Green Club
  • Göncöl Association Air Workgroup
  • Hungarian Nature Conservation Society
  • Pangea Cultural and Environment Protection Association, Reflex Society
  • Süni Society

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