Joining the network of wetland educational centers

The Educational Center of Nimfea Environment and Nature Conservation Association became a member of the international network of Wetland Link International, an official partner of the Ramsar Convention in education and awareness-raising in the field of wetland and nature conservation.

The members of Wetland Link International (WLI) are organizations dedicated to educate a wide range of people in order to deepen their knowledge on the role of wetlands. Understanding the significance of wetlands and their essential role in the global ecosystem contributes to the preservation of these unique natural values. The members of WLI make special efforts to create a link between wetlands and people and to strengthen this relationship through new and innovative methods.

As recognition of the work done by educational centers, the network of Wetland Link International is a partner to the CEPA program of the Ramsar Convention. CEPA stands for Communication, Education, Public Awareness, as these activities are necessary elements in the implementation of the Convention. The Ramsar Convention was signed in 1972 in Ramsar, Iran, and its main objective is the preservation and wise use of wetlands, with a special emphasis on the role of wetlands as the habitat of waterfowl.

Joining this network is an important step for Nimfea Environment and Nature Conservation Association towards enhancing its wetland-related activities, especially in the field of environmental education. The conservation of wetlands has been a primary focus for Nimfea ever since its establishment in 1994 – this has been the reason for selecting the name of the genus Nymphaea for the association, expressing the commitment to preserve what is left from the marshlands, floodplains and other forms of wetlands of the Great Hungarian Plain.

Our association created and maintains the website, giving an overview of the Convention and describing the designated Ramsar sites of Hungary (not available in English yet, but being developed). A booklet introducing Hungarian Ramsar sites is also in print.

Nimfea is running programs for the restoration and management of various wetlands, such as establishing artificial nesting islands for a gull colony, protection of amphibian habitats, and especially fishponds. We carry out monitoring activities on the River Tisza and the Lake Tisza. We have developed comprehensive species conservation programs, for example for the Ferruginous duck (Aythya nyroca) and other waterfowl.

The association published a comprehensive book on the fish fauna of the country, partly based on the field expertise and researches of the “Fish-faunistic working group” of the association. For example this working group is the only organization to continuously monitor all habitats of the European mudminnow (Umbra krameri) in Hungary.

We hope that joining Wetland Link International will enable us to use the methods offered by WLI in order to bring people and wetlands closer, with a view to make the preservation of wetlands more effective.


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