A summer of successful youth camps at Nimfea

    Nimfea Environment and Nature Conservation Association has organized and hosted several camps during the summer, introducing dozens of children and young people to the beauties of nature – here at the Educational Center as well as at the Padis Plateau in the Romanian Bihor Mountains.

   Nimfea and its partner organization, Ottó Herman Nature Protection Circle organized the Ottó Herman nature exploration camp commemorating the work of Ottó Herman (1835-1914), the last polyhistor of our times. He was not only a nature lover and the founder of the Hungarian Ornithological Center, but also an archeologist, starting researches on the primitive man, an etnographer and collector of the mementos of traditional lifestyles.
This youth camp wishes to continue the tradition of his work with diverse programs, including horse-riding and archery, team competitions and hiking at the shores of the river Hortobágy-Berettyó, night excursion with jumping over hay bales under the stars, and also classes of various handicrafts.

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   Nimfea organized a horse-riding camp as well, with daily riding classes and short lectures on keeping and grooming the horses. Children with different levels of riding skills participated at the camp, learning something new each day with the help of our two qualified trainers. Everyone found his or her favorite horse – and the horses also enjoyed the company of the children!
Another highlight of the camp was the class of Zoltán Orbán, a marvelous environmental educator, who introduced children to bird-watching and bird-ringing. Archery and pottery also enriched the program.

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   Besides these camps Nimfea organizes each year a trip to the Padis Plateau with the participation of colleagues, volunteers and all friends of the Association. During the last decade we have sadly seen the deterioration of natural beauties of this unique natural richness.

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  The Educational Center also hosted other camps, including another horse-riding camp for advanced riders with a renowned professional trainer and a summer camp of a school group. We hope that next summer we will meet the participants of all these camps again!

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