Another successful volunteer weekend

The last weekend of October was a busy weekend in and around the Istvan Fekete Educational Center. Some thirty volunteers gathered from all over the country to help us. The youngest one of our active and dedicated volunteers was about three years olda, while the oldest participant was over 70. We would like to thank again for their enthusiastic and effective work.

    The volunteer weekend started on Saturday early morning, with an excursion to the neighboring grasslands to check the group of male Great Bustards. These birds spend the winter in flocks feeding together, preferring especially rape fields. A group of 30-40 birds could be seen recently around Túrkeve, and the volunteers got up early to see them for themselves. Unfortunately a group of hunters disturbed the bird-watching, chasing some deers through the rape field with their vehicles.
Then breakfast followed, and hard work started. A pen was built for the horses, a nice pavement was built from bricks, young trees were planted, the horse-cart was painted and so many other things were achieved by the diligent hands that it would be impossible to list them all here.
Girls and boys, young and elder worked hard all day to the best of their capacities, resulting in really spectacular changes in the court.
    We are happy to welcome volunteers regularly visiting and helping us, and we are also happy to see new faces every time. You are also welcome any time!

Photo report of the weekend

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